Leica 50mm Summilux Asph F/1.4 Lens

This is a superb lens! You can expect extraordinary sharpness right from wide open. Smooth Bokeh and no, and I say again, no chromatic aberrations. The lens distinguishes itself by having excellent separation of the subject from the background, it’s very 3D. Colour contrast is high and images need very little processing when coming from dng files. The lens has a very special look, especially at mid-distances. Close up performance is also very good, due to the floating element. Close up images still retain interesting bokeh as well. Check out the parrot shot below.

Vignetting also serves to enhance image quality ( I know that some will disagree), but I really like this lens and its output.

Distortion is negligible, you can expect about 1 stop of vignetting, and that’s about it. Simply put, this is Leica’s best 50mm F/1.4 prime!


Objective: 8 elements in 5 groupings, 1 floating element.
Focal Length: 51.6mm
Minimum Focus: 0.7 Metre
Aperture: 9 Blades, half click stops
Filter Diameter: 46mm Screw on


Black Lens – 335g (Leica Published Weight), Chrome 460g (Our weight)
Note: Weights are bare lens, no caps and no filter.

Bag Weight: My Chrome version weighs in at 498g with a Leica chrome UV filter, and both caps on.

Image Samples:

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