Sony FE 70-200mm OSS F/4.0 G Lens

I purchased this lens because I was tired of using manual focus lenses with adapters. I have recently been to Myanmar with the A7s and a Leica 80-200mm F/4.0 lens. The Leica did produce quite exceptional results, but I experienced a lot of critical focus misses. This is the rub of MF lenses. So, here we are with some initial thoughts on the Sony FE 70-200mm OSS F/4.0 G Lens.

The lens is white along the lines of the Canon telephoto lenses. It is a relatively light lens for its focal length range, and so far the AF seems to be quite quick. I am currently waiting for the new A7 II to test it on at higher resolutions. Once this camera comes into stock here in Canada, then I will begin testing with that body.

Rant: Sony Canada, how about speeding up delivery of lenses. At the time of this initial article the 16-35mm and A7II are widely available in the US, but Canada… Do you want me to buy them there???? No other manufacturer treats us this way, smarten up. Rant over.

Sony Lens Specifics:

OSS: 4 stops
Group Elements: 15/21
Field of view (full Frame): 34-12 degree’s
Aperture Range: Constant F/4.0 with nine circular blades
Min Focus Distance: 1 Metre
Filter Diameter 72mm
Weight: With tripod collar, no Hood – 942g, without tripod collar 837g, the hood weighs 74g
Length: 175mm
Diameter: 80mm

The lens features Nano AR coatings and multiple Super ED and ED lens elements. It also has AA, or advanced aspherical elements as well.

It ships with an included hood (quite large), tripod foot, caps, box etc…

Focus is provided by dual linear motors, that provide smooth fast and accurate autofocus. The lens is well suited for video shooting. When in use the lens feels well balanced, and not to heavy on my A7s. Autofocus is snappy and accurate. When the lens is switched to manual focus, you can expect a long throw and very uniform feeling twist action on the lens. MF is very predictable, and the zooming function in the Sony viewfinder allows for very accurate focussing. I would not hesitate to use MF on this lens.

Chromatic aberration is very little and non existent if you turn on auto removal. The lens does exhibit barrel distortion, especially at 70mm, but again the camera will remove almost all of it.

I will post a more detailed review once the A7II arrives. Here are some photos taken with the lens:

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